Zweeds kampioenschap 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Swedish championship in Västervik, the gem of the Swedish east coast. Anders Olsen, Folkboat sailor and former resident of Västervik gives some information on the championship and about the town.

The championship is hosted by the two Västervik yacht clubs WSSW and WSS. The regatta harbour will be at island Slottholmen in central Västervik, on the jetty below Hotel Slottsholmen. Hotell Slottholmen is a newly built hotel, owned by Björn Ulveus of Abba, and will also be the location of the regatta dinner.

General programme

  • 8 August – Launching
  • 9 August – Registering. Launching. Practise race on city course area Skeppsbrofjärden
  • 10–12 August– Races. After sail with Daily first.
  • 12 August – Regatta dinner

Launching will be possible at the WSSW harbour at Notholmen. There are cranes for both boats and masts. At the site, it will be possible to put tents and campers and use the facilities of the yacht club. The distance between the two harbours is less than a kilometre walking or biking along the shore.

The main race area is lake Lusärnafjärden 1,5 nM from Slottsholmen. Open water is 5 nM further out and therefore not within the plan.

We also hope many wooden boats will join us – a special prize for wooden boats is set up.

Staying in Västervik
To stay in tent or camper in the WSSW harbour Notholmen is a good alternative. No cost during the championship and other days the yacht club’s standard fees will apply.

There are a couple of hotel and hostels in town, but book early since Västervik is a popular summer town. Some alternatives:

  • Lilla hotellet. Priceworthy in-between hotel and hostel 1 kilometre from the town centre. Good parking.
  • Hotell Fängelset. A former prison in the town centre. The cells are small, but there are also other bigger rooms. Good parking available.
  • Park Hotell. In the town centre, unknown parking possibilities.
  • Hotell Slottsholmen. By the regatta harbour. Most expensive among these alternatives but also the closest to the regatta jetty. Part of the hotel is on a dock so it’s possible to take a swim from your room and almost possible to dock by your room.
  • Cabins at Lysingsbadet, the big and popular campsite of Västervik. 3 kilometres from town. Go swimming from beaches or rocks, water park for children and restaurants. Best spot for watching the races at lake Lusärnafjärden.

map with hotels and restaurants

The archipelago
Anders really recommends paying a visit to the beautiful archipelago outside Västervik. Take a couple of days off to go see this.

Travelling sailors may stop at Vikingarnas SS premises in Stockholm on their way to the Gold Cup or in between the Gold Cup and the Swedish Championship after contact with Hans Torlén.